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Financial Services

Leon Rousso & Associates Inc. dedicates time to providing you the knowledge, advice and service we feel you deserve. We take pride in helping our clients have access to the best carriers in the industry. We are confident you will be satisfied in our commitment. Our service is unparalleled.

We provide a wide array of insurance and investment products for individuals and families as well as employee benefit plans for businesses. The guidance we provide in regard to insurance products costs nothing extra to you. In addition we offer a wide variety of fee based investment platforms and financial planning advisory services.

Wealth Management

Investment Services:

Brokerage Accounts, WRAP Accounts, Third Party Money Managers, Individual Stocks, Bonds, CD’s, Money Markets, Index Funds and ETF’s, IRA’s and Roth IRA’s

Advisory Services:

Fee Based Investment Accounts including Third Party Managers and ETF Programs

Fee Based Consultation Services:

Comprehensive Financial Planning, Asset Allocation Modeling and Fund Recommendations, Fee Only Insurance and Investment Consultation (Hourly or Retainer)

College Funding:

529 Plans, UGMA Accounts

Qualified Retirement Plans:

Pension Plans, Cash Balance Plans, SEP’s, Simple Plans, 401K and Profit Sharing Plans and Roth 401K Plans

Executive Benefit Planning:

Deferred Compensation, Buy-Sell Planning and Funding, Key Person Life Insurance, Benefit Carve-Outs, Financial Planning, Asset Allocation Models

Business Services:

Key Person Insurance, Buy-Sell Agreement Funding, Professional Overhead Expense Protection, Deferred Compensation Planning, 401K and Other Qualifies Plan Implementation. Business Valuation Services.



Fixed, Variable, including Guaranteed Income Riders and Principal Protection

Health & Dental Insurance:

Private individual and family plans. Short term plans. Travel plans. Affordable Care Act compliant plans.

We do not work with Covered Ca or any other Federal or State Exchanges.

Life Insurance:

Term, Whole Life, Universal, Guaranteed Universal and Variable

Disability Insurance:

Salary Replacement, Overhead Expenses Protection for Professional

Long Term Care Insurance:

Comprehensive, Skilled Nursing or In-Home Care

Employee Insurance Benefit Plans:

Group Life, Health, Dental, LTD, STD, HSA, Voluntary Plans